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The global shipping market is currently navigating through a complex landscape characterized by evolving regulatory environments, a global container shortage crisis, fluctuating fuel prices, and the pressing need for sustainable practices. In this vibrant and challenging market, Blue Dolphin emerges as a pinnacle of professionalism and expertise. We have positioned ourselves as a comprehensive international shipping service company with a special focus on safety, efficiency, and professionalism. We offer a range of logistic services designed to exceed expectations and deliver satisfaction for the global market. From national and international transportation services to warehousing, customs clearance, and insurance services, Blue Dolphin offers a one-stop logistics and complete supply chain service.

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Evolution and Milestones

Blue Dolphin’s evolution began in 2014 with the foundation in Hong Kong. With a firm commitment to reshape the logistics industry, we expanded with a Shenzhen office in 2016. By 2017, we had entered the e-commerce logistics sector. In 2018, we further diversified by introducing railway transportation services, enhancing our logistical versatility. The year 2019 saw us starting DG logistics and supply chain services as we expanded our operation to global customers. By 2021, Blue Dolphin had developed a comprehensive logistics network offering DDU services to over 30 countries, which speaks volumes about our international shipping service efficiency.


Exploring Blue Dolphin’s Global Reach and Business Operations

Our global coverage and comprehensive business scope underscore our pivotal role in the international shipping service and logistics industry. Here is a quick overview of the services:

Linehaul Services

Blue Dolphin excels in providing linehaul services, enabling businesses to reach global markets and customers in a seamless way, and providing consumers with access to a greater variety of goods.

Air Transport Services

Recognizing the need for speed and efficiency, Blue Dolphin offers air shipping freight services to deal with rapid transit times, with a focus on reliability and global reach.

Sea Freight Services

Our sea and ocean freight shipping services offer a cost-effective logistic solution. Our expertise in containerized shipments, both FCL and LCL, ensures that clients’ maritime logistics needs are met with precision and care.

Rail/Land Freight Services

Complementing our sea and air freight capabilities, we provide rail and land freight services as well.

Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Services

In response to the booming e-commerce sector, we have developed specialized cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions.

Domestic/International Express Door-to-Door Services

Blue Dolphin also offers domestic and international express door-to-door services, which further stamps our authority as the best international shipping service.

All these services make us the best international car shipping company as well as for all the other freight you need to move.

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Blue Dolphin’s Remarkable Achievements

We at Blue Dolphin have distinguished ourselves in the international shipping service industry after a wide range of achievements, including:

Expert Team

At the core of our success is our team of professionals, who accumulate a wealth of experience and expertise in every aspect of logistics and supply chain management.  

Broad Shipping Network

Blue Dolphin’s operational efficiency is made possible by our broad shipping network, encompassing both domestic and international routes. This extensive network allows us to address the shipping needs of our global clientele.

Certifications and Memberships

Our commitment to industry standards and best practices is evidenced by our array of certifications and memberships, including:

  • WCA membership
  • ISO90001
  • Recognition as a Key Logistics Company in Shenzhen
  • Emergence as a Top National Customs Brokerage Company

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