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Blue Dolphin International Freight Forwarding

Specializing in providing efficient ocean and air freight services that Ensure safe and fast arrival of cargo.

Sea transportation

Affordable, suitable for bulk cargo, and environmentally sustainable.

Air transportation

High-speed express, worldwide coverage, for urgent shipments.


Highly efficient over short and medium distances, suitable for bulk cargo.

International Road Transport

Flexible and convenient, end-of-city delivery.


Fast delivery of small shipments, global network.

Value-added services

Dangerous Goods Warehousing, Large Machinery and Equipment, Export/Import Customs Clearance, Warehousing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of your service?

The exact price can be offered when the details of your goods finalized,like weight,volume,loaded city and destination city.

How can i pay you?

You can pay us by bank transfer(T/T),Western Union paypal,payoneer,trade Assurance and so on.

When do I pay you?

Usually, you need to pay before shipment.

My supplier has no right to export.Can you help me export the goods?

Yes,we can.We can buy the export license,do the customs declaration and ship the goods out to you.

Can you arrange DDU/DDP shipment?

Yes, we have network system all over the world, we can provide DDU/DDP shipping service from China to anywhere.

Can your company arrange pickup?

We can arrange to dock your factory in any city around the world.

What certifications and qualifications does your company have?

Our company has relevant international freight forwarding certifications and qualifications, such as ISO certification, membership of the International Freight Forwarders Association (IFFA), and so on. These certifications and qualifications prove our professionalism and compliance.

How can I get a quotation? Contact our sales with your shipment details via email or any online tool.

We will always provide 24 hours online service.
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