Documents Preparation


Export Documents:

  • Purchase orders from buyers

  • Sales invoice

  • Packing list

  • Bill of Lading or Air Waybill

  • Certificate of origin

  • Any other document required by the buyer or any other specific document required by the financial institution under the terms of the letter of credit or by the importing country’s regulations


Import documents:

  • Purchase order from the buyer

  • Supplier’s sales invoice

  • Customs declaration

  • Bill of Lading or Air Waybill

  • Packing list

  • Certificates of origin and any other specific documents required by the buyer, financial institutions or regulations of the importing country


Certain items also require an import or export licence, which limits the amount of goods that can leave or enter a country within a certain period of time, usually one year. Depending on the nature of the goods, licences are issued by different authorities


Insurance services:

Cargo insurance services are provided to help avoid losses due to any emergency situation during transport on the chosen route. All cargoes can be insured if you, as an “insured person”, receive or send the cargoes under specific terms and conditions.



BDS helps in obtaining various certificates such as CO, CCPIT, FORME, FORMA etc. and other necessary licensing documents


Mode of transport:

We will work out the most suitable delivery method according to the goods and the place of receipt, providing one with the best cost and quality.


The importance of document preparation:

If the exporter and importer provide each other with correct and consistent information, the export documents delivered to customs are complete and accurate and the clearance process can be completed quickly. Conversely, delays in customs clearance can have consequences:

1.Products detained by Customs are stored in ports or warehouses and storage charges are levied on a daily basis. This leads to an increase in the unit cost of the product.

2.The problem of customs orders lasting longer than expected is particularly acute. Business functions are negatively affected, e.g. factory production is delayed.

3.Food and health products may deteriorate as the customs process lengthens, especially if they are not packaged correctly for a longer period of time. If the mode of transport is by refrigerated containers such as reefer containers, the daily waiting costs for such containers are very high.

4.Long customs cycles pose a significant risk for seasonal shipments. For example, due to a documentation error, you may miss the seasonal holiday season for selling specific products in winter. Since the holidays have already passed, the shipment will extend the customs process and be returned to you. If this continues to happen, it is a huge loss for your company.

Being prepared is the key to smooth customs clearance! Make sure you know what documentation is required, it all depends on the type of product you are sending internationally. Keep in mind that each country/region has its own rules and requirements. Even with the small details, your parcel labelling must be accurate to get through the customs process smoothly and quickly!

If everything is ready and correct, you will not experience any delays or accrued charges! Happy exporting!



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The exact price can be offered when the details of your goods finalized,like weight,volume,loaded city and destination city.

You can pay us by bank transfer(T/T),Western Union paypal,payoneer,trade Assurance and so on.

Usually, you need to pay before shipment.

Yes,we can.We can buy the export license,do the customs declaration and ship the goods out to you.

Yes, we have network system all over the world, we can provide DDU/DDP shipping service from China to anywhere.

We can arrange to dock your factory in any city around the world.

Our company has relevant international freight forwarding certifications and qualifications, such as ISO certification, membership of the International Freight Forwarders Association (IFFA), and so on. These certifications and qualifications prove our professionalism and compliance.

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