Founded in 2016
Blue Dolphin (Shenzhen) Supply Chain Co., Ltd.
is an international logistics company providing one-stop solutions for the whole chain of cross-border trade. We mainly provide sea, land and air freight transportation, cross-border e-commerce logistics, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing and distribution, and comprehensive foreign trade services.
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Integrated logistics solutions

Provide comprehensive transportation solutions, including ocean freight, air freight, railroad, trucking and so on.

Rich industry experience and operating skills

With more than ten years of industry experience, skilled in various modes of transportation operating skills.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement

We are committed to providing customers with competitive prices, optimizing the logistics process and providing efficient services to reduce costs and improve logistics efficiency.

Who we are

Blue Dolphin (Shenzhen) Supply Chain Limited

Blue Dolphin (Shenzhen) Supply Chain Limited is a premium and professional international logistics and supply chain service company.

Our proud team has been deeply engaged in the logistics industry for more than ten years, and is skilled in the operation of various modes of transportation. Whether it’s ocean freight FCL, bulk LCL, global air freight, railroad transportation between China and Europe, Central Asia, China and Russia, used engineering equipment, domestic warehousing and cross-border warehousing business, as well as double-clearance tax-packing business for small and medium-sized e-commerce sellers, and so on. We are able to provide our customers with advanced and comprehensive logistics services.

Providing customers with efficient and professional services at competitive prices is our core value. Reducing logistics costs and improving logistics efficiency is our mission. Regardless of the type of cargo, we can find matching logistics and transportation channels and services for our customers.

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Blue Dolphin International Freight Forwarding

Specializing in providing efficient ocean and air freight services that Ensure safe and fast arrival of cargo.

Sea freight Freight Forwarding From China to USA

DDP DDU CIF FOB EXW Sea Shipping Agent From China to USA

Air freight Freight Forwarding From China to USA

DDP DDU CIF FOB EXW Air Shipping Agent From China to USA

We are committed to providing our customers with efficient and professional services at competitive prices.

Sea transportation

Affordable, suitable for bulk cargo, and environmentally sustainable.

Air transportation

High-speed express, worldwide coverage, for urgent shipments.


Highly efficient over short and medium distances, suitable for bulk cargo.

International Road Transport

Flexible and convenient, end-of-city delivery.


Fast delivery of small shipments, global network.

Value-added services

Dangerous Goods Warehousing, Large Machinery and Equipment, Export/Import Customs Clearance, Warehousing
How it works

Efficient, safe and convenient

Tailor-made freight solutions, efficient transportation, full tracking and security.

Quotation & Solution Confirmation:

Under the guidance of our professional team, it is easy to provide cargo information, and we customize the best quotation and transportation plan for you. Enjoy efficient service from the first step.

Transportation arrangement and document preparation:

We carefully arrange the appropriate mode of transportation and handle the tedious paperwork. Deliver your goods with confidence, and we'll help you navigate global logistics.

Transportation tracking and information provision:

Real-time tracking, accurate positioning, the whole process to grasp the dynamics of the goods. We provide timely and accurate transportation information, so that you can always grasp the journey of the goods and the expected arrival time.

Delivery and customer feedback:

Safe delivery and satisfactory receipt of goods. We confirm delivery with the consignee, handle customs clearance for you, and provide flexible distribution, delivery or self-pickup services. We look forward to your valuable feedback and constantly exceed expectations.

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Full-service logistics

Customized solutions, real-time tracking, and thoughtful delivery.

Pre-sales service

Personalized consultation: our professional team will fully understand your needs and provide personalized consultation to answer your concerns and help you develop the best cargo transportation plan.

In-sale service

Customized solutions: According to your cargo characteristics and transport requirements, we tailor-made optimal solutions for you to ensure that the goods arrive at the destination safely and efficiently.

Real-time tracking

Through the advanced tracking system, we monitor the whole transportation of goods and provide accurate real-time transportation information, so that you can always know the location and transportation status of your goods.

After-sales service

Considerate delivery: We ensure the safe delivery of goods and assist you in customs clearance procedures. We provide flexible distribution, delivery or self-pickup services to ensure that the goods arrive at the destination smoothly.

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