Rail transport Freight Forwarding From China to Finland

Rail transport Freight Forwarding From China to Finland

Blue Dolphin has a good relationship with China Railway Corporation, affordable price, provide railway FCL、LCL services.

Product Details


Blue Dolphin is a professional logistics service provider, providing customers with efficient railway transport services. Railway transport is more convenient than sea transport, cheaper than air transport, supports the transport of a variety of products, more stable time, freight forwarders can provide door-to-door service!

Destinations :

  • Amazon warehouse & other fulfillment center
  • Business warehouse
  • Home address

Transport services:


Air freight/Sea freight/China-Europe, China-Asia, China-Russia rail/road transport

Express(choose the mode of transport according to the actual situation)

Shipping term :

Port to port, port to door, door to port, door to door.

Value-added service :

Goods collection, Insurance, Labeling, Warehousing, tax paying, and so on.

Transport of goods:

  • Breakbulk cargo
  • Bulky cargoes
  • Project Logistics(machinery transport)
  • Chemical logistics

Shipping method depends:

Freight rates、Type and nature of goods、Volume of the goods


Services range:

China - Central Asia railway line

The main line of railway transport in Central Asia is the five Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan Stan) from each of the local China stations via Alashankou port station.

China- Mongolian railway line

The main route of travel is from China around the site through Erenhot port, the goods arrived in Mongolia

China - Russia railway line

Except for Manzhouli/Alashankou/Horgos can direct access to Russia, Through the Mongolia,it can be from Erlian to the Russian border city of Chisinau to reach the destination,
Blue Dolphin provide you professional railway freight transport logistics service from China main cities to Russia Moscow/St.petersburg/ Novosibirsk/ Kazan/Ekateriburg/Chelyabinsk/Habarovsk/ Rostow etc.

China - Europe railway line

To provide you with starting from Zhengzhou,Wuhan,Guangzhou,Xian,Shanghai,Yiwu and other China main train stations through Alashankou/Manzhouli/Horgos to leave the boder, after Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland to reach Hamburg, Warsaw, Malashevich, Prague, Duisburg and allocated to European and international trains serving such as Klaipeda, Southampton Dayton, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Luxembourg, Antwerp, Paris, Milan, Brussels, Vienna, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Budapest, Turkey,Romania.also it can be via or not via Russia to Europe stations 

China - Southeast Asia railway line

China railway transport main train stations to Vietnam,Ho Chi Minh station, Hanoi station, and Laos,Vientiane station.




Yes, we can provide you with consolidation and groupage services for your cargo to help you save on transportation costs and increase the efficiency of your shipments.

Yes, we can do it for you, please provide your detailed inspection requirements.

Yes, we can provide you with professional cargo packing and marking services to ensure that your cargo is properly protected and identified during transportation.

We attach importance to the confidentiality and security of cargoes and take necessary security measures and protection measures throughout the transportation process to ensure the safety of cargoes.

Yes, we have experience and expertise in handling a wide range of special cargoes, including the transportation of dangerous goods and temperature-controlled cargoes.

Yes,we can help client to purchase the insurance policy for shipment which can minimize the loss in case of the cargo is damaged.

Yes. We have partner agents in oversea ports. So we can help you do that, if needed.

Yes, we endeavor to provide expedited customs clearance services to ensure that your shipments can pass through customs as quickly as possible and minimize possible delays.

You can contact our customer service team by phone, email or online chat. Our customer service team will be happy to answer any questions and provide support.

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